Top 5 Bucket List Dive Destinations


Lembeh/Ambon, Indonesia



Known as the macro and muck diving capitals of the world, Lembeh and Ambon, Indonesia are dream dive destinations if you are looking for bizarre and unique smaller sized critters. Lembeh is located just off the northeast coast of Sulawesi, while Ambon is on the south part of the Maluku archipelago. Read more

Reggae: Stick Figure – Sound of the Sea

Music: Reggae Artist: Stick Figure Song: Sound of the Sea Genre: Reggae/Dub Album: Set in Stone (2015)

Lionfish Invasion: A Threat to Atlantic Reefs


Lionfish are a venomous species of fish that are native to the Indo-Pacific region. They were imported and released into the Atlantic/Caribbean where they have no natural predators, they prey on all sorts of reef fish, they reproduce year-round, and have spread as far north as Rhode Island and south as Brazil, at depths down to 1,000 feet.


“But what can I do?”

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