Who Am I?

I am a photographer an adventurist an environmentalist

About Me

Hello! First off, my name is Pizzi and I am a professional scuba diver, nature photographer, blogger and environmental economist. Growing up outside Boston, Massachusetts, I became interested in science and the environment at an early age. I watched and read all things nature, and started creating a bucket list of destinations and animal encounters. My childhood idol was the late great environmentalist/TV personality Stephen Robert Irwin (RIP). He showed me the intricate relationships between wildlife and our planet, and inspired me to interact with and respect wildlife when I was a young kid. Much of the knowledge I have gained up to this point in life started with him.

In 2010, I enrolled in the University of Massachusetts and began getting into environmental policy and economics, as well as scuba diving. I received my basic PADI open water dive certification in the Florida Keys, and then spent an entire summer getting my professional certification in Honduras, where I was able to dive three times a day and assist in the battle against the invasive lionfish species.

After graduating with a B.Sc. in Environmental Economics, I decided to continue my education, and received an M.Sc. in Environmental Economics in 2016. The focus during my graduate education revealed how economics and politics can affect the health of the environment, along with the people and organisms living in it. My research focused on deforestation, carbon emissions, and sustainable palm oil in Southeast Asia. Since graduating, I have been traveling and diving all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania and am now up to 18 countries and over 400 dives! I currently reside in the coastal Californian city of Santa Barbara, where I work as an environmental economist to solve fisheries, land-use, and climate change challenges.

Michael Pizzi underwater

What will this site do for you?

This website will serve to spread awareness of a broad range of environmental issues ranging from climate change to deforestation to overfishing, and explain complex studies and policies in terms that everyone can understand. I will also share the beauty of nature through pictures and video footage in hopes of emphasizing why our environment needs protection. As for travel, I will be sharing some crazy backpacking stories, general travel tips, and destination information including where to eat, where to unwind, and nightlife hotspots etc. I will try to provide detailed posts on the greatest scuba diving spots around the world, the best seasons to visit, what you should expect to see, and of course the costs. In additional to all this, I will be sharing some of my favorite uplifting tunes with you, because traveling and music go hand in hand!


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